Panettone figs almonds and lemon 750 gr


4 leavenings with mother yeast total 62 hours


4 leavenings with mother yeast total 62 hours.

Inside dried figs with almonds from the masseria and Bio Lemons.

Delicious Icing with almonds and lemons.

A Fantastic Panettone by our Pastry Chef Giuseppe Winner of many Prizes in Italy & America.

Ingredients: soft wheat flour 00, sugar, egg yolks,butter,natural hyeats,salts, acacia honey,figs, grated lemon, vanilla

Almonds Icing: sweet almonds, sugar, flour 00, butter, cornstarch, egg white, grated lemon

Allergies: soft wheat flour 00, butter, egg yolks, almonds, egg white, can contain shelled fruit

Keep in a dry and fresh room

Best until 30 days from production

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