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Taste the Dolce Vita in Puglia

Masseria Torre Coccaro It’s dolce Vita in Puglia.

In our estate dating back the XVI century, just a few steps away from the sea, we preserve and grow the flavors from back in the days with 5 stars quality. We research the specialties of our Land while respecting their seasonality in order to offer flavor and elegance rigorously farm-to-table.

Artisan panettone

The products of the Masseria

Apulian Aperitif

Almonds, Taralli and Frise

Sweets and breakfast

Desserts Almond Paste, Braids, Granola, Pan Biscotto, Cupeta, Almond Milk


Orange and lemon marmalade

Extravirgin Olive Oil

0.75L oil and 3L can


Orecchiette, Strascinate and Olive leaves


Lemon, laurel and strawberry grape liqueur

Meet our Staff


Our Head Chef and historic memory. He knows every single recipe from the Apulian tradition and he’s the creator of the renowned ORANGE JAM and ALMONDS SALTED WITH ROSEMARY, our guest’s beloved products during the aperitif.


Our Pastry Chef, a true volcano of passions and ideas when it comes to desserts. The brain behind tasteful products such as the GRANOLA and the CUPETA.


Our Head Bartender, who listens to our guests up until late night like a true confidant and friend. Alongside our Head Chef Donato, he makes the great LIMONCELLO and BAY LEAVES LIQUEUR, amazing Apualian digestives

Gino, Giacomo and Franco

and all the other workmen from the Masseria who harvest the olives which are later turned into our very own OLIVE OIL.


our Head Housekeeper who carefully packs all the specialties.